As one of the largest petroleum importers of Afghanistan, Afghan National Petroleum benefits from economies of scale, and is well known as the premium quality petroleum supplier. ANP is very competitive in providing the best value for price in the Afghan market.

Afghan National Petroleum provides superior quality products compared to the existing local petroleum suppliers. Additionally Afghan National Petroleum is also very efficient and competitive when compared to other large market players.

Afghan National Petroleum strives to provide high quality products and maintain quality control of its products when supplying the domestic market. ANP is able to compete with the rest of the market with its differentiated products and relatively lower prices. ANP offers the best fuel products at an exceptional value.

Afghan National Petroleum facilities are located near the border of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan where petroleum products are brought via railway wagons to Afghanistan. Afghan National Petroleum has chosen these strategic locations to be able to perform effective logistics in the market surrounding north and west of Afghanistan and eventually in the entire Afghan market.

To expand our network and logistics Afghan National Petroleum has also installed additional fuel tanks in Kabul to be able to reach customers in the eastern province of Afghanistan. By doing so Afghan National Petroleum is able to manage effective and efficient logistics and as a result premium quality products reach the consumers in a very cost-effective manner reducing the overall prices of Afghan National Petroleum products in Afghanistan.

Afghan National Petroleum has trained its employees and applies Total Quality Management along its entire organization and operations. Safety, security and environment being our top priority and thus all procedures such as loading, unloading and inspections of the products are done with the international standards, regulations and legislations.


All fuel storage facilities and terminals have been inspected and certified by the internationally known inspection company Bureau Veritas and Indian VisionRI.

Quality and quantity control

In loading and unloading, quality and quantity controls are conducted and all tankers are closed and stamped by SGS.


We have the most sophisticated fuel testing laboratory in Afghanistan where all properties can be controlled with accuracy.

Tanker steam cleaning

All fuel storage terminals are equipped with “steam cleaning” systems to effectively clean up customer fuel tankers before loading them. This means extended flexibility since loading to any tanker truck which carried a different type of fuel previously is possible.

Afghan National Petroleum offers Afghanistan the most competitive and reliable means of energy in the best effective and efficient way.